Concrete introduces unlimited opportunities for
an individual’s creative expression.  Artistic
details including any imaginable shape, color,
texture, thickness and edge treatment beg for
the client’s personalization.  Many consider this
design flexibility concrete’s strongest attraction.  

One may include decorative inlays such as
fossils, seashells, colored glass, tile, coins,
pieces of metal, and personal mementos to
create a one of a kind functional work of art.  
The countertop can also feature integral
functional items  such as cutting boards, brass
runners for hot pans, integral drain boards, and
pastry stones.  Each countertop reflects the
client’s personality and exhibits the craftsman's
As one of the most ancient building materials,
concrete also possesses outstanding durability.  
A myriad of colors, textures, and finishes enable
concrete to reside equally at home in a
contemporary urban loft or a rustic, cobblestone
floored kitchen.

No two pieces are alike.  Every step of the
process is done by hand.  For a truly personal
and handcrafted surface concrete stands out as
the preferred choice.  Creativity presents
concrete's only limitation.
Concrete offers a durable, flexible, textured, and
timeless appeal.  Like a thick maple-chopping block, the
surface will, over time, develop it’s own unique
character and patina.  

Concrete’s inherent durability, heat resistance, and
easy maintenance make it one of the most refined
countertop materials you can select.
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...if you can dream it, we can form it.

Bullet Properties, LLC
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Handcrafted Custom Concrete Countertops
Long prized for its strength and durability against the
elements, concrete is stepping inside.  No longer just
the cold gray stuff of bridges and patios, concrete
produces durable countertops that mesh with a wide
range of design styles from contemporary to classic.

They present warm, natural looking surfaces that
compliment material like wood, stone, and brick.  
Additionally, concrete countertops can mimic popular
materials like marble, granite, limestone and solid
surface products.
Owing to it’s outstanding durability, endless design
potential and unmatched personalization capabilities,
concrete increasingly stands out as the high-end choice
for today’s kitchen and bath countertops.

At Bullet Properties, LLC, we can make it all happen!  
Located in the suburbs of Detroit,  Bullet Properties, LLC
resolves to craft every concrete countertop to each
client's complete satisfaction.
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